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Ernest Omovbude is a professional sculpture and painter who is based in London/Essex.

He studied Sculpture and Painting and has over 20 years experience in bodycasting.

He has always had an interest in art from a very early age. His interest in bodycasting began in high school and he has mastered the skills entailed in bodycasting over time, through experience and been self taught.

Most of his work are privately commissioned pieces, which have been displayed in many homes, hotels, boutiques, offices, international organisations including ‘pathfinder’ and other firms all over the world. Some of his art pieces have been commissioned as gifts for international leaders and celebrities.

His work has included celebrity castings, one of which was recently shown on the ‘Ant & Decs’ Christmas show’ which was broadcast on the 26th December 2009. He has also been commissioned to produce a chocolate casting which was broadcast on German TV for a Valentines day special.

He is an accomplished artist who is always willing to look ‘outside the box’.

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